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Wed-20-03-2024 to Sun-07-04-2024

Introduction to ACE Free Work

This three week workshop runs from Wednesday 20th March to Sunday 7th April.

The workshop is ideal for anyone new to ACE Free Work or for those who have done some Free Work previously and are keen to learn more.

It is appropriate for all dogs of all ages from puppy to senior and also suitable for dogs on restricted exercise. It can help improve our awareness of our dogs needs and highlights areas where our dog might need that little bit of additional support.

This workshop is run by Penny Leedal and Sonia Catherall and will introduce you and your canine companion to ACE Free Work. You will be shown everything you need to get started including

What is ACE
Getting started with ACE Free Work
Pain and Behaviour
Posture and Gait
Canine Body Language
Moving on with Free Work
Building relationships in Free Work
Plus so much more

You will have a live Zoom session each week, backup home study materials and an invitation to join a dedicated Facebook group where you can upload videos and connect with others on the course.

In addition you will be able to book an hour long one to one session with either Penny or Sonia to kick start your Free Work adventure.

Cost of the workshop is £95 and will give ACE credits.

Penny Leedal is an ACE Advanced Tutor, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a member of the Pet Professional Network.

Sonia Catherall is an ACE Associate Tutor, Certified Canine Behaviourist and Professional Dog Trainer.
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Penny Leedal
Advanced Tutor

Sonia Catherall
Associate Tutor



Please visit the website for booking information or to contact Penny Leedal and Sonia Catherall.